Saturday, September 13, 2008


Website Information

How do I use this website?

This website was purposely designed to be simple. The front page or "home" page will show the current items in each member's shop. Simply click any image you like and it will take you to that seller's shop.

The Search links underneath the banner at the top will take you directly to the Etsy search results pages with our items. Etsy can be confusing to navigate, so we felt this was an easier way for people to browse. The Search links do not allow you browse within this website.

To find more about the Artisan Beaders, visit our About page, or view our team links at the bottom of the page.

Purchasing Information

How do I purchase an item?

This website is only a collection of items available through our members' shops; there is no shopping cart available here. Think of our Holiday Gift Guide as an online craft show; items are organized and displayed for convenience, but purchases still must be made in that individual seller's shop.

Each item is a clickable link. Simply click on the item or shop you want to visit, and it will take you to that item's listing page or that seller's shop. There will be two green "Add to Cart" buttons on the righthand side of the page, one at the top and one at the bottom. When you're ready to purchase, click that green button and follow the prompts to check out on Etsy.

Do I need an Etsy account to purchase anything?

Yes, you do. It takes only a minute to set up an Etsy account, and it's free. If you have any questions or would like to know if a particular seller has another option for payment, please feel free to contact them directly.

Are all the items shown the only things available from any/all sellers?

Nope! We've chosen our top items to present here, but this website is by no means comprehensive. By clicking the name located directly under each batch of photos, you can go directly to that seller's shop to see all their pieces.

Orders and Shipping Information

I have an order/shipping question - who do I contact?

All shipping is handled by each individual seller, so any specific questions should be directed to the seller you're interested in shopping with. This website isn't involved in any purchasing transaction.

To find out if a seller ships internationally, what postal service they use, and if they have any gift wrap options, make sure to read their Shop Policies page in their shops.